Hanna Esparza

Hanna Esparza has had a lifelong love of dance beginning with Hip-hop in middle school and then being introduced to Merengue, Cumbia and "Tropical" while studying as a foreign exchange student in Mexico.

In recent years, Hanna has been instructing Latin Dances in schools and studios around the Twin Cities and traveling, teaching with the Twin Cities' Afro-Cuban Salsa band, "Salsabrosa." She also enjoys performing locally and in cities such as Chicago and Miami.

Hanna is passionate about bringing the joy of dance to the community and she is inspired to helping it grow vibrantly, focussing on Cuban-style Salsa, Casino, and Rueda de Casino. She also takes groups to Cuba every season to explore dance, music and culture. To learn about these trips, please visit Corazones de Cuba.