Founded in December 2011, Salsa Rueda Passion opened its doors to promote "Rueda de Casino" among the University of Minnesota college students, while encouraging them to serve as role models and leaders in their communities.

Following in 2013, Salsa Rueda Passion established a new branch in Philadelphia and opened its doors to share Rueda de Casino among the University of Pennsylvania student body and its surrounding community. As of today, several of our students have begun their own groups, including Nuestra Cosa and Philly con Sabor.

Salsa Rueda Passion was born from many Miami dance studios including Salsa Lovers, Salsa Craze, and Minneami Salsa.

We are also fortunate enough to have worked with well-known Rueda groups from around the country including Dale Tumbao and Rumbanana, and world renowned professional Cuban dancers Kati Hernandez, Freila Merencio Blanco, René Thompson, and Yeniel "Chini" Perez Domenech.

Salsa Rueda Passion hosts multiple events throughout the year to promote the passion and knowledge of Rueda de Casino, while providing opportunities for our members to network with like-minded individuals. Some of the events include: Salsa dancing socials intermingled with other community and student organizations, fundraisers, social service events such as mental health awareness day, and many more.

Salsa Rueda Passion would like to thank all of the people who have dedicated and continue to dedicate their time and energy to help spread the love of Rueda de Casino throughout the world.


Julio Cabrera

Mr. Julio Caésar, MA
Artistic Director, Founder

Julio Cabrera

Ms. Stacy Karl
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Board Members

There are various assistant positions that individuals are able to assist with that can lead to consideration for Board positions. Application for membership to any of these positions in this organization is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, and active community members in the Twin Cities without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, creed, marital status, public assistance status, or sexual orientation.

Note: Active Board members shall be those who fill out a membership application form and are accepted into a position, attend a great majority of meetings and participate in the organization's events. Salsa Rueda Passion has the right to terminate any person holding a leadership or membership role without any justification or advance notice.

We encourage you to contact us directly if you are interested in becoming a board member or if you have any questions.