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Salsa Rueda Passion seeks to educate the Minneapolis and Saint Paul communities through the dissemination and sharing of the history, culture, and art of Rueda de Casino dancing.

Rueda de Casino was born in the casinos of Cuba in the 1950s to the sounds of the band "Conjunto Casino." In the early 1990s, the dance migrated to the shores of Miami. Many dance schools continued its traditional form, while others adapted it to mainstream the dance. To this day, many schools continue teaching its traditional dance moves. Today, numerous Rueda de Casino schools exist, not only throughout Cuba and the United States, but around the world.

Timba music, strongly influenced by African rhythms, has become immensely popular all around the world with its hot rhythms and mesmerizing beats; its tropical sounds create the basis for Casino. Rueda de Casino is a group dance that has no maximum limit of partners nor an equal number of leaders or followers. The couples dance creating a circular shape and constantly change partners following the caller's (or lider's) choice of dance moves. Hand signals, which represent the dance moves, are also used due to the loudness of the music in some venues.

Salsa Rueda Passion wishes to involve every member of the community and to share our passion for the dance through education, practice, and performance. Salsa Rueda Passion provides the Twin Cities with an exceptional group of Rueda dancers, keeping the traditional dance alive.

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